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Below are some of the countries and ports for which we've developed
our top-rated port presentations. 
As we do in every talk, we'll tell you all about the host country,
starting with the history, the economy, its physical characteristics,
what makes the country work, and what life is like for the people who live there.

But the vast majority of the presentations focus on your visit...
what's fun, fascinating, and important about these places,
and what some of your best options are for how to spend your time there. 
We'll also give you all the practical tips you'll need
to feel comfortable and confident while visiting.

These are just a few of the reasons the See You Ashore! port talks are the highest rated,  most appreciated presentations in the entire cruise industry.


A tiny bit of the Netherlands in the Caribbean, located just off the coast of South America.  Aruba has, since the 1960's, fully developed its infrastructure and tourism facilities, and is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean.  It's also one of the few Caribbean islands with a first-world standard of living.


A hard working country with a fairyland feel, Belgium is world famous for chocolates, lace, diamond dealers, waffles, beer ...and, did we mention chocolate?  The hardest thing about a one-day cruise visit here is determining where to spend your time.  Antwerp?  Brussels?  Ghent?  Brugge?  We'll show you the options, to help you sort out the choices.


The magnificent fortress behind the statue in Cartagena speaks to the days when this was where the Spanish stored the gold, silver, emeralds and other booty  collected on the South American continent, which would then be shipped back to Spain.  Hence, it was a favorite target for pirates and English privateers.  But the charm of today's Old Town, a beautiful mix of history and modern Colombian culture (and great shopping), and just a 15 minute cab ride from the port, is what makes this a favorite stop for visitors today.

Costa Rica     

Costa Rica is the world's largest and most diverse zoo and nursery, rolled into one.  There are more different kinds and varieties of plants and animals here than almost any other location on the planet.  And Costa Rica, with it's perfect climate and friendly people, attracts something else, too:  There are more Americans per capita living here than anywhere else in the world, other than the USA.  As you'll discover, it's an easy place with which to fall in love!


The country is still working its way out from under the figurative foot of decades of Communist rule, and it's not an easy task.  Meanwhile, the longer term history of Croatia, with its real life fortresses and walled cities, including Dubrovnik,  provides a captivating look into the lives of the medieval inhabitants.


Possibly the most mysterious place on earth; we still do not know how the ancients built the massive pyramids, though ongoing research indicates that it wasn't just slave labor that did the bulk of the work.  The entire civilization considered building and maintaining these largest structures on Earth to be a societal obligation. 
The pyramids are covered in the
Port Said presentation,  and we also have a talk on Alexandria.


Paris, the City of Lights, is within striking distance from the port of LeHarve, and we'll point out all the sights and get you oriented for travel and discovering the most visited city in the world.  But there's no shortage of other important,  interesting locations nearby, including World War II's Normandy D-Day beaches, the gorgeous royal retreat at the Palace of Versailles, and the charming villages of the Normandy coast.

We also have presentations on the French ports of  Marseilles and Cannes, on the French Riviera


Athens, and shown here, the famous Parthenon.  Ancient Greece is the cradle of democracy.  For Westerners, there may be no more culturally and historically important place on Earth.  But Greece also means "The Greek Isles", and the more than 1400 islands are known around the world as world class vacation sites.

We also have talks on
, known by the well-traveled
as the most beautiful Greek isle,
, near Olympus, home of the original
Olympic Games, and an important religious shrine,
, one of the most famous
party islands anywhere,
, home of the Colossus, and
, one of the most visually stunning places you'll ever see.


This is the famous Blarney Castle, located near Cork, Ireland.  The Emerald Isle does NOT disappoint when it comes to beauty, and friendly locals.  The Irish sense of humor is well represented:  As we stood in line to kiss the famous Blarney Stone the last time we were there,  an Irish friend told us to
"Pay no mind to the rumors of the locals pissin' on the Blarney Stone on their way home from the pubs at night!"

We also have a talk on Dublin.


As if you couldn't tell, this is Venice, one of the most fascinating, romantic spots on our planet.  Once upon a time, Venice sent her sons out to discover the world, and Christopher Columbus took a copy of Marco Polo's  book along on his voyage to the new world.  These days, the traffic runs the other direction, as Venice remains one of the world's most visited spots.

We also have talks on the Eternal City of 
Rome, the fashion center of  Genoa (Milan), as well as Livorno (Florence), where the Renaissance was born, and Pisa, home of...well, you know, and Naples (Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, and the Isle of Capri).


This is Dunn's River Falls, one of the most popular sites in the Caribbean port
of Ocho Rios.
Jamaica is world-renown for fun, sun, and rum, mon! 
And we'll tell you how to deal with those pesky and annoying local vendors...it's easy
when you know the trick!


The second smallest country in the world has NO shortage of beauty, charm, and of course, grace (pun intended). 
Located between the Mediterranean's French and Italian Rivera, and surrounded by some of the most dazzling scenery in the world, it's easy to see why the European jet set has chosen this region for their personal playground.


Casablanca is one of cruise passengers' most anticipated ports of call.  It's also one of the ports passengers are most pleased to leave.  As we've often told guests on board, probably the best thing you can do in Casablanca is LEAVE Casablanca!  Happily, Marrakech and Rabat are fascinating nearby destinations, easily reached by tour.


Here, our ship enters the final lock on the East side of Panama, leaving Gatun Lake, and entering the Caribbean
The Panama Canal is an engineering miracle that's almost indescribable, and you certainly don't have to be an engineer to appreciate and marvel at the genius of the design, and the scope of the feat. 
We consider the Panama Canal one of the top 5 cruise destinations in the world.


This is the famous "Monument to the Discoveries" in Lisbon.  Spain and England get most of the attention with regard to the settling of the New World, but without the courage and ingenuity of the Portuguese who preceded them, the colonization of the Americas might not have happened for decades later.  Lisbon is full of fascinating sights, and outstanding, if small and well-hidden, restaurants.


Senegal was the pick-up point for the slave ships headed to the new world, and Goree Island, just offshore, contained the holding cells for the captives, as they waited for their ship to arrive.
Today, Senegal is representative of the uber-poor countries of Africa, and provides a perspective on the world for westerners that's unmatched, while displaying a culture that is truly fascinating.


La Sagrada Familia, the perennially unfinished church you see here, is located in beautiful Barcelona, also known as the Paris of Spain.  Barcelona is one of the most energetic, colorful, and wonderful cities in all of Europe...and a clear rival to Rome for the most number of pickpockets per capita (see Safety in Port below).

We also have talks on Cadiz (Seville) and Vigo.


This is the Grand Amphitheater in Ephesus, near Kusadasi.  Ephesus is one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the world, the first city built entirely of marble, and the best place you can find to get a sense of what life was like in Roman times (even better than in Italy!).
Many Westerners are a little intimidated by Turkey, since it seems like such a foreign place.  But generally, you'll find the people here as friendly and welcoming
as any in the world.

We also have a talk on the massive, magnificent and bi-continental city of  Istanbul,
where East truly meets West.

The United Kingdom

This is, of course, the world famous Rock of Gibraltar, located on the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.  Gibraltar is a semi-independent outpost of the British Empire, a completely unique culture  in this region.  They say there are more pubs and post boxes per capita here than in Great Britain!  And as a Duty Free port, this is a very popular destination for day-tripping shoppers from all over Europe.

We also have talks on Scotland, Wales, London, and Liverpool.


Statistically, more than 5% of all visitors to Europe will be victimized by pickpockets, con artists, or street thieves.  That doesn't sound like much, until you consider that on a cruise ship with 3,000 passengers, 150 of them will have their vacations ruined by this kind of experience.
Every port talk we present includes important information on how to stay safe in these foreign, sometimes intimidating new places.  But this free, full length presentation will give you detailed descriptions of who these lowlifes are, how they work, and how you can easily avoid them.

And your host...


All segments of See You Ashore! are presented by the creator of the program, Rusty Wilson.  With an extensive background in television, and over 25 years of working at sea as an Entertainer, Cruise Director, and Port Enhancement Lecturer for Sitmar, Carnival, Commodore, HAL and Princes cruise lines, he's the perfect host to tell the stories, and introduce you to some of the most interesting, beautiful, romantic, and important places on earth!

What passengers say about See You Ashore!...

"This information was extremely useful --
We knew what we needed, how to get where we were going, what to watch out for, and how to stay safe. 
Of all the ships I have ever been on, these talks are by far the most outstanding I have ever seen. 
I wish they were on every cruise!"

Carol Raab

"The best information of any cruise I have been on (13 time Platinum Princess cruiser). 
I rate these talks 5 Stars.

Walter Hopf

"Excellent cruise talks--best we've ever had on 3 different cruise lines."
Robin and Jerry Uhr

"Very helpful talks on each port.  Knowledgeable, thoughtful, appreciative of the culture -- fantastic!"
Mark and Lisa Rothrock

"Absolutely great, useful information.  Enhanced our stay enormously."
Mike and Bobbi McGinnis

"Made each port of call a history lesson, a cultural experience, and saved us a lot of time and money."
Ralph Lee

"Gave us the details we needed to feel confident visiting ports independently! 
Great info, and easy to follow."

Constance Bergman, Laurel McCarthy

"So helpful and knowledgeable.  Made the trip so much better!
Karen Flores

"Very helpful and informative.  Gave much more meaning to each port."
Gregory Murphy

"Quality of content of information was excellent.  Short enough to keep attention,
but complete enough to ensure key elements are covered, and safety instructions are well received."

Jasmine Stonge and Francois Brisson

"These presentations were comprehensive, illuminating, and contained invaluable tips."
Kenneth Agnan-Asser

"Easy to understand, precise information about ports.  Made cruising anxiety-free in foreign ports."
Kandarp Vaishnau

"Outstanding education and assistance provided.  Extremely honest and truly helpful. 
We really appreciated all of the hints and tips."

Kristin and Michael Krajewski

"Taught me so much about the backgrounds and peoples of ports we visited. 
Also impressed me with how important it is to be vigilant at all times for safety."

Sheila Lazzaro

...and we have literally hundreds more comments just like these. 
You'll see for yourself, when you order your
See You Ashore! Port Enhancement Presentations


You can contact us here...

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